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These Problems are for 1984 to 1989 & Some 90 to 96 GM Cars with Bose System.

You can apply to Most Older Corvette stereo systems

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One Dead Speaker

 One Weak Speaker

 Two Dead Speaker

 Four Dead Speaker

 Alternators Whine & Noise

 Engine Alternators Whine

 No Engine Noise

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Power Antenna Connection
Bose Radio and Speaker Connection 1
Bose Radio and Speaker Connection 2

Used Speakers and Amplifiers 

Snapping and popping from some or all of the speakers?  85 to 96 Corvette

Get the Bose Amplifier fixed,  We Change all Green caps & Four F.E.T. *$85+$6.50*

Plug to Speaker & Amplifier Enclosures

A:  Pink/Blk  is 14 volt 

F: Power Black Gnd

C:  Brown is  to speaker D:   Yellow  - to speaker 

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