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Corvette '97-01 Car Radio Removal ('84-89) Below Page

Click here for 90 to 92 / Click here for 93 to 96

1) Pry out on the ride control switch and disconnect the wiring.
2) Unsnap the switch trim and remove (2) 10mm hex-head bolts exposed.
3) Open the center console door, remove (4) screws from the inner hinge and remove the door.
4) Open the ashtray and remove (1) screw exposed.
5) Remove the ashtray and (1) screw exposed.
6) Unclip the small grille to the left of the ignition switch and remove (1) screw exposed.
7) Unclip the base of the radio trim bezel and remove.

Corvette '90-96 Car Radio Removal


1) Remove negative battery terminal.
2) Remove three screws (#2) from console trim panel, disconnect wires and remove.

#1-Console trim panel
#3- Rear compartment lid release switch
#4-Console carrier
#5-Accessory trim plate


1) Remove two screws (#3) from center AC vent and remove pull the AC vent out.

#1-Instrument panel
#2-Center air outlet deflector
#4-Accessory trim plate


1) Remove accessory trim plate, disconnect all wires in back of the radio head unit.

#1-Instrument panel
#2-Accessory trim plate (ZR1 shown)
#4-Spring clip
#5Engine power switch
#7-"U" nut
#8-I/P harness connector


1) Remove bolts (#3) securing car stereo to dash, pull forward and remove all connectors.

#1-Car stereo receiver harness connector
#2-Radio control
#4-Instrument panel harness connector


Corvette '84-89 Car Radio Removal

1) Remove screws from panel across the digital dash and car stereo trim panel. There is a screw hidden behind the edge of the digital dash trim panel.
2) Move the gear shifter to the lowest position.
3) Pull the right edge of the bezel forward, unhook the left side and remove,  Unscrew both
side mounts on the side of the radio, pull the radio out about  8" then unplug the power and antenna and all back plugs from the radio, then remove the radio.


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